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Omec BC-5 Nailing Bench


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(£13,500.00 inc VAT)

The Omec BC5 Nailing Bench has been designed for assembling boxes using staples, pins or little nails. The bench can be equipped with riveting machines that are fitted onto an adjustable aluminium square section. On crates designed with bottom only, operators perform the nailing procedure on the two sides of the crate, then they can turn the workpiece and perform the nailing on the other two sides. On crates designed with bottom and cover, operators shall repeat the above operations for the nailing of the cover too. Workpieces are fed manually. Their locking and nailing are controlled by a sensor detecting the presence of workpieces. The crate’s height is adjusted by means of a specially designed handwheel that is equipped with a position indicator. All adjustments are made very easily and quickly. Controls are located on a PLC-equipped control panel that is built in the machine base

  • Length

    70 - 600mm

  • Width

    80 - 450mm

  • Height

    70 - 270m

  • Side Thickness

    5 - 16mm

  • Plug Thickness

    2 - 20mm

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