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Omec SBM 1200 Manual Clamp


Available to order



(£23,700.00 inc VAT)

The OMEC SBM1200 Manual Clamp has been designed and built for assembling small boxes, in particular the series of the wine boxes, toolboxes, cigar boxes and gift boxes. The size of the box is adjusted manually by the operator. The machine has a hydraulic power plant which drives three cylinders to press the four sides of the box previously inserted in the relevant clamps. The clamp holding the box in position while pressing, lets you easily fit the bottom while the box is still on the machine, using the normal nailing systems. Controls are located on a built-in control panel. The SBM 1200 model is controlled by a programmable controller (PLC) which is entrusted with the working cycle control.

  • Width Box

    85mm - 1050mm

  • Depth Box

    70mm - 400mm

  • Height Box

    35mm - 255mm

  • Thickness

    5mm - 15mm

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